A policy on Corporate Social Responsibility (“CSR”) has been devised, with a view that this policy could be sustainable and adaptable to social changes, and would adapt to these changes accordingly.

Strategies built to ascertain the CSR of KCBH

1. To successfully define the various issues associated with the company’s CSR;

2. To develop a strategic business response to social and market changes;

3. To initiate action individually, or with fellow public transport operators, in order to accomplish its goals in CSR; and

4. To communicate the results of these actions to the community and the Government.

(The picture shows "Kwoon Chung Inclusive" Rehabus)

Standards applied in various levels of KCBH’s operations

1. Workplace - through the introduction of equal opportunities in employment by adhering to current legislation governing equal opportunities.

2. Supplies – through dissemination of safeguarding of KCBH standards in business ethics.

3. Market – sounding out KCBH’s obligations to consumers.

4. Community – contributing to the development of the society, in particular, those community sectors that are deprived of these benefits.

(The picture shows " K.C. Southern District football club")

Performances of KCBH in the enhancement of the company’s CSR

1. New Business Opportunities - Through the careful planning programmes for the forthcoming future, KCBH would explore new clienteles and develop services pending eventual approval given by the Transport Department. The ongoing exercise is for the benefit of the community and could bring in additional revenue to KCBH.

2. Environmental Responsibility - Procurement of new Euro V and Euro VI coaches for the fleet to replace older Vehicles with environmental friendly engines; and trail run on hybrid powered and electric-powered bus should be welcome by customers, e.g. major residential estates, schools and employers.

3. Health Care - KCBH provides staff medical insurance scheme for full-time employees.  

4. Charitable Service - We are working closely with Non Government Organizations (NGOs) in their charitable services. We have an open mind to work together with other charity institutions in promoting charitable service for the community.

5. Kwoon Chung Group supports and promotes smoke-free culture to our stakeholders, business partners and employees. We are committed to providing a safe and productive work environment for our employees.  A Smoke-free Policy and a wide variety of effective smoke-free measures are formulated within the organization. By implementing this Policy, we encourage and motivate smokers to quit or reduce cigarette consumption, and to arouse their awareness to the hazardous effects of smoking on their health.

( The picture show new Euro V coach that replaces older Vehicles with environmental friendly engines )

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